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Well this is unexpected…


She shot him an almost amused look. Amused and a touch disdainful. “If it’s exploring you’re interested in, you’ve come to the wrong frelling planet,” she said. “It’s one of the less worthwhile commerce planets. Not to mention the fact that a wrong step could easily end your death or capture.” She said the last part casually, as if it were completely obvious.


Sam flashed red  feeling stupid. Of course the Doctor left him here.  A place where he could die or worse get found out and captured. Trying to overcome his own shame Sam forced a  laugh. “Didn’t know honestly.  I’m new at this.”

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Geez! *cackles*

/// :D yep.


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London Space | (by Marc Khachfe)

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((how are you?))

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Just a general PSA








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I want to make more threads with people

but I also want to write in my sci-fi story

but also just watch random tv shows. 

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reblog if it’s 100% okay for mutuals to tag you in a starter

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Send my character messages that you think will strike a nerve.

Whether the reaction be anger or sadness.

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Nightmares Of Touch // CLOSED for sammy-boy-tyler (c.f.a.)


The Doctor looked up at the other’s name and finally managed to look at the man properly, still sank down against the wall, his hands sliding down to his knees again. First thing he thought that it was Koschei and his eyes got bigger, his breath stuck in his throat, staring at the other man. 

There was fear and hope both in his eyes, but he soon realised who it was for real, the fear fading, but the hope didn’t completely. 
"Sam… Sam..Tyler." he repeated absentmindedly his voice shaking along with his whole body like it did for the last hour. 
He lowered his head with a pained groan, feeling ashamed of himself and the state he was in, his arms wrapping around his bend legs, forehead on his bleeding knees. 

He couldn’t.. just couldn’t say anything, but he didn’t flinch away as the other came closer, at least he tried not to and couldn’t hide the sobs and pained gasps for air. 
The Time Lord didn’t look up, too embarrassed and too hurt to bear someone pity him. he unwrapped his arms and hold them out, the bruises on his wrists from the ropes and finger-tips-shaped bruises on his upper arms too visible in the cold artificial light in the bathroom. 

"I..couldn’t..they.. were too many… drugged me.. hold me down.. I couldn’t.. I just… make it stop, make it stop.. i begged them not to do that..they didn’t listen.. I. please..I can’t.." he said, his words broken through sobs, his eyes painfully shut, pictures of the assault too vivid in his mind and not at all. His mind was trying to protect him from it. To blur and close it away, but the physical memory was too strong for it to lost hold. 

He listened and felt complete disgust the people that did this to the Doctor. The rage he felt was something  he never felt before. Even when he dealt  with the most dirty and vile  criminals. Compared to this, those lowlifes were nothing.

Sam took the breath uncertain if he liked the rage he was feeling. It was the rage of a Time Lord. One that could destroy stars and galaxies far and wide.  No, right now he had   to help his friend.

"Doctor…" He said quietly. " You’re safe. They’re not here and they’re going to find you again."  He knew what to do, he had done those before in varying forms when he was a police officer but here with The Doctor. He felt so unsure of himself, because this wasn’t some person  he didn’t know personally but a friend and the Doctor.

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//Yeah it happens. x’D


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Well this is unexpected…


"Mmm," she responded noncommittally. She eyed him carefully, trying to determine what he wanted - or where the frell he came from. He looked Sebacean, but didn’t appear to be from any of the colonies she’d seen. "Then what are you looking for?”


"Ah…" He said awkwardly. "To  be frank just exploring." Given the environment of the planet and her general mood, that probably  sounded odd. "I should probably go back to that."