Doctor Who - The Last Time Lord

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A man in a wheelchair enters the pub and wheels himself up to the bar. In a Scottish accent he says, "I'll take a pint of stout, mate," the bartender pours him the pint and says "On your tab, Theta?"



As Sam took a swing of his drink as he noticed the man in the wheelchair. While the accent wasn’t completely right the man seemed like   a look-like  for Doctor. There was a chance he was only that; a look like of the Doctor like he was a look like of the Master. Still it was curious.

"Used to? Wha’ made you stop? If that’s not too personal," he chuckled.  "Force of habit, askin’ questions.  Workin’ on my doctorate thesis in psychology." His honey-brown eyes were all good-nature and cheerful.

"Long story." One day he will think of a better  story to come up with."You want to be psychologist?" Sam asked  seeming interested."I wish you the best  of luck."


Life on Mars s1e4


Life on Mars screenshots by me
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A gentle breeze blew in off of the water, bringing a salty smell in with it, but other than that, the sun was shining and there were people milling about or sitting out in chairs or on towels. Her eyes landed on a small trailer parked on the beach and she pointed before she began walking toward the stairs down to the sand. “Come on, Sam. I see our ice-cream truck.”

"Excellent." He said following after Andromeda towards the ice cream-truck.  

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notyouraveragedoctor replied to your post:apparently a short story I wrote was chosen to be…

///I’ll think about it

apparently a short story I wrote was chosen to be in my school’s magazine

there’s a coffeehouse where prizes will reward to the winners/a open mic

and yeah

Should I?


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