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I’m usually that person who has no idea what’s going on

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The awkward silence that follows is, if nothing else,
very awkward indeed. 
What is there to say? ― he’s feeling very sensitive this aftenoon.

[And the award for biggest douche bag goes to…]

"Um….I didn’t mean to sound so blunt."



If you were to look up ‘blunt’ in the dictionary 
and your dictionary happened to have pictures for some reason 
there would probably be a little photo of this guy in there. 

Drax sighs. 

❝ Yeah you’re right, I just 
wanted it to have some personal flair, or whatever. 

[This was going so swimmingly. Really A+ display of social l skills right here.]

"Pretend I didn’t say anything then."

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Not that he was expecting actual feedback ( had he even spoken out loud? ) but that’s not
terribly useful advice. 

❝ Sorry, I guess it’s kind of specialisedI mean I don’t know too much either…
Maybe I should leave it to a professional.

"Well if you want it done professional do it?"

[What is he even saying? Why are words coming out of his mouth? He reallly should stop.]/p>

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 Watercolour, or something more traditional
I was thinking about maybe going black and white but 

it really needs to catch the eye. 

"I don’t care either way. I’m not a artist  or anything, so doesn’t matter to me."


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With a quick flash of her psychic paper, she had gotten them inside the amusement park. There were rides of all sorts around them, and despite h the fact that they had already had ice cream, she weaved in and out of the crowd as she made a beeline for the cotton candy.

Marveling at the ride he barely noticed her going to get cotton candy. He followed  but knew he would not get cotton candy.Sam Tyler and cotton candy made as much  sense as a someone getting excited to the read the phone book.

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So the first session is done.

Monday starts session two and then   its over the 8th

I’m so tired/emotionally drained

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( guess who used up all their asks in about two minutes ugh ) but yes greatalthough if you’re super busy then there is absolutely no rush, I’m willing to stick around ‘til you’ve got a little more free time

((All right c;

I’ll message you tomorrow?))

@notyouraveragedoctor: it’s more the noise/flashes/threat of power out thar stress me out.
Fair point though.

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how can people like thunderstorms??????????/

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