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Finished  replies I feel so accomplished.
Time for bed. 

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The ride was one of those that spun quickly around in circles, loud sirens blaring all the while. Andromeda shrieked with excitement as they sped up, the movement dizzying and wild and thrilling. By the time they came to a stop her hair was wind-blown and messy, her cheeks rosy, and her hearts racing.

Did he shriek?  He might of, he had in him to shriek. Sam may never   admit it he did shriek on  a amusement ride but he still might of. Once it was finished, a large smile was on his face and his hearts were racing as well. He missed this feeling.

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A reminder: Just because our introduction thread died/got lost/was awkward/or boring doesn’t mean I don’t want to RP with you. It just means that some things don’t need to be tied up all pretty at the end, and I’m okay with that. So please go ahead and jump back in any time you want with starters/reblogs/or asks. Thanks!

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Well this is unexpected…


She raised an eyebrow in an expression that said she knew exactly how out of place he was here. A part of her wondered if these were the sorts of moments when Crichton would tell her she ought to have compassion. But there was little time to linger. She had to get the frell off this planet - and away from the Peacekeepers as quickly as possible. With a frustrated sigh, she jerked her head down a side street, indicating he should follow her. “This way. You should be able to avoid them - if you’re paying attention.”


"Thank you." He said still trying to be the good person he was raised to be. Even if this place did not seem welcoming towards manners or even compassion, he still displayed it. Quickly he followed her and keep his mouth shut.

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Imagine your icon being the creepy knocking noise coming from your closet. Then you open the door and they fall flat on their face

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andromedafound replied to your post:andromedafound said: //-pats sympathetically- i…
//much better but buried under work stuff :/

//ah. I wish you luck with that

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Nightmares Of Touch // CLOSED for sammy-boy-tyler (c.f.a.)


His artificial control on his system was slipping from him within seconds again, but he tried to do what the other asked him to. 

The Doctor looked up, focusing on the familiar eyes and face, taking in a shaking deep breath and than panting again, his look slipping away for a few seconds. He just couldn’t.. It hurt.
No no he had to. That was not the way he would get better and he knew it. Not the way he could proceed and let himself fall.

Looking up again at Sam he drew in a deeper breath. 
A second one.
A third one
A shorter fourth but it wasn’t panting anymore. 
"Sam…" he mumbled, looking up at him and slowly.. just so very slowly let the tension float away from his body. Not entirely, but a few minutes later he was leaning back, boneless and still with tears in his eyes, but he wasn’t panicking anymore. 

"I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry." he uttered, not even knowing why he was apologising. Maybe for not being stronger. 

Once the Doctor calmed down, he pulled back a little, allowing him so space but he still kept a close eye on him. “There, better.” He  found himself whispering. For those few minutes, he sat there watching and feeling the weight of everything.
"Don’t be sorry." He said, even if the Doctor wasn’t sure, he knew. Something in his gut was telling the Doctor blamed himself."You have nothing to be sorry about." Sam said with great assurance. "Understand?"   

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andromedafound said: //-pats sympathetically- i feel you.

//thank you 

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"I suppose they would, unless I’d tell them not to. Even then you’d have to be careful. Anyway.. I’m not sure it would be the right thing for you anyway." answered the Doctor and ate some of the chips before answering the last bit. 

"Then you will have to find out what you are now, I guess. You can’t be nothing, not even figuratively speaking." 

"I was thinking the same thing."  Maybe one day, he would go to this UNIT. When he was ready and able to command people without the power sometimes had. The Doctor words were true but he couldn’t believe them or even trust them. At least for now.
"Look can we talk about something else?"

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Off to do replies.


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[She was taken aback by the laugh, even if it was short. She wasn’t expecting that at all. Neither did she expect him to actually say something after that. The man was interesting. She takes a puff on her cigarette and sighs. She tries to phrase it in a non accusatory way, but her words still sound like it.]


"That’s very defeatist of you. What makes you think there’s nothing you can do? It doesn’t even seem like you tried."

[As he listened to her, he nodded trying to contain anymore panicked laughs. Was he ddefeatist Yes. But he could not stop it. He was just a witness to the death and hated the Time Lords would bring. And that scared him. It made him wish to fade away from life itself. He turned away from her, legs shaking.]

"I can’t stop. I’m one man that can barely understands the universe itself. I’m being defeatist because I already lost."

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notyouraveragedoctor replied to your post:.
//oh noes :o its the sick season it seems lol

//yep  D: 

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Reminiscing about Life on Mars. Again.

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