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"Come now, sure you are. Its built into your biology now. Time Lords are made out of stout stuff. Had a good number of my ribs poking out of my skin once. Not a pleasant experience, but I managed to not regenerate…barely." It sounded more encouraging in his head than it did out his mouth.

Well now that was going to haunt his dreams. The more he thought about his biology, the more frighten he was of it. “I don’t want to be…”

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ppl who act like the doctor is a Perfect Angel who Never Does Any Wrong



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"What’s in that bag and why are you hiding it here?"


"Oh, just some advanced technology." [Scarlet smiles.] "I’m hiding it here because it’s advanced technology, and besides, who’s going to look behind a bookshelf?"

"Where did you get advanced technology?"[He asks more curious than concerned.] "I would."

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"Mmh," the Doctor replied with a nod. "Its tough, but so are you, Sam. Tougher than nails, you are. I remember when I was newly turned by the glimpse into the Vortex. It was the most horrific thing I have ever witnessed. I looked into the universe and the universe looked back into me. It took me over a month to recover My poor brother had to put up with me, making sure that I didn’t slip over the deep end."

He listened to the Doctor’s tale. It didn’t really reassure him but he still nodded.”I don’t feel tough.”  

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Nightmares Of Touch // CLOSED for sammy-boy-tyler (c.f.a.)


The Doctor was sleeping peacefully for approximately an hour or two, when the nightmares started. Bit by bit crawling into his mindscape, like black burning acid. 

The pain
The laughs
The touches
The insults
The helplessness. 
The way it all felt wrong..wrong…just wrong. 

Startling out of his sleep with a yelp he was shaking, his fingers digging into the hand in his, eyes wide and unfocused. Between the shallow inhales words were floating from his lips:
"What are you doing. .. I’m sure we can speak this out, ey?… Y..you let me go. What is the meaning of this. ANSWER M…" he crawled back on the bed, back pressed against the backrest of the bed. Only it felt like the cold wall of that old factory. The corner he had been driven to by the three men.
His eyes turned down to his hands staring at the fading bruises. 
"Cold.. it stinks.. everything is wrong.. they wouldn’t let me go. I just tried to help that girl. I made them angry. I shouldn’t have… I made them angry. They hold m..me down..” he added, gasping for air, not even aware where he was anymore, nor that he wasn’t alone. 

For the first two hours, he didn’t think about much. Just about the sonic screwdriver. It didn’t need to be repaired and he wasn’t really adept at adding features to it. Still he found it comfortable, a way to keep his mind the fact time was minuscule. Two hours felt like nothing now.

However when he heard the Doctor  yelp. He put the sonic back in his pocket. “Doctor.” Sam said quietly. “It’s me. Sam.” He went closer to the Doctor but tired to give the other Time Lord some breathing room. “You’re dreaming. It’s okay. You’re safe.”  

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"Oh I know those words very well." The Doctor wasn’t smiling or frowning, just curious as to what was on his friend’s mind. "Time Lord troubles?" he asked, knowing that they had briefly spoken on the subject before.

He looked away  for a second then sighed.”Yes.”

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…because you are traitors. Yes, you are! As soon as you saw the vote swinging my way, you abandoned your parties and you jumped on the Saxon bandwagon. So this is your reward. 

aka: one of my favourite lines ever

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"It was a strange look on your face though. Something on your mind, Sam? I’m always willing for a good listen."

"I’m fine." He said a little too quickly.

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notyouraveragedoctor replied to your post:♞
"Roughly three minutes and fifty-five seconds. Maybe a second more. Not too long, I don’t think. Feet aren’t tired yet."

"Oh…" Sam said feeling a little more calm. Of course the Doctor standing there as he zoned out wasn’t a good thing. Nobody really knew that he was struggling with his experience in the Time Lock. 

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"What’s in that bag and why are you hiding it here?"

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"H-how long have you been standing there?" 

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